Out of this world coverage!

There's nothing alien about it!

At American Dental Plan of Wisconsin, we've got "Out of this World" coverage at "Down to Earth" rates.

Since 1993, American Dental Plan of Wisconsin, one of the largest and most stable pre-paid networks in Dane County, has provided area businesses a better way to insure the dental health of their employees. Better, because ADP provides comprehensive dental coverage that is easy to use and afford! With a variety of plans available, you can choose coverage levels for diagnostic and preventive care, with many services covered at 100%, to comprehesive coverage including major restorative, oral surgery, and orthodontic care.

Our large network of local dentists is committed to partnering with insured members to achieve the highest possible levels of oral health in a cost-effective environment. You and your employees can get the dental care you need from local professionals you know and trust!

Quality care, complete coverage, competitive rates, easy access... a better way to dental health! American Dental Plan of Wisconsin, Inc.